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I want to save animals.

I've always dreamed of working in a field where I can make a difference in saving animals' lives. This aspiration goes back to my childhood when it was one of my earliest career aspirations.

In Japan, the harsh reality is that over 20,000 cats and dogs are euthanized each year—that's more than 50 innocent lives lost every single day. One significant contributing factor to this heartbreaking statistic is the rampant commercialization of pets, with many people purchasing animals from pet shops at exorbitant prices.

The majority of animals sold at these pet shops are younger than one year old, and those that remain unsold after reaching one year are often passed on to breeders or surrendered to animal shelters by the pet shops. Consequently, countless popular breeds are overbred, leading to the tragic fate of tens of thousands of animals being euthanized annually.

Japan's pet industry thrives, but unfortunately, it harbors numerous unscrupulous breeders who confine animals to cramped cages solely for breeding purposes. Some of these unfortunate creatures spend their entire lives continuously producing offspring, only to suffer neglect and abuse, with their bodies eventually succumbing to wear and tear.

Disturbingly, there have been cases of untrained individuals performing Caesarean sections on these animals or leaving them to starve once they're no longer profitable for breeding purposes.

Additionally, breeders often subject cats and dogs to traumatic experiences, such as being transported in cardboard boxes on conveyor belts during auctions. In 2016 alone, an estimated 20,000 animals died during this distribution process.

Furthermore, there's a concerning trend of people impulsively purchasing pets without considering the long-term commitment and responsibility involved. Consequently, many pet owners abandon their animals at shelters for reasons as trivial as "not getting along" or "moving to a new place," excuses that are both unbelievable and unacceptable when it comes to the well-being of living beings.

I firmly believe it's not ethical for living beings to be treated as commodities, displayed in stores for impulse purchases, with price tags attached to their lives. I vehemently oppose the practice of selling animals in pet shops.

In my own experience, one of the cats I cherished for 17 years was rescued from the brink of euthanasia. Similarly, the newest addition to my family is a cat who was abandoned by their previous owner.

I believe that by raising awareness about these issues and educating as many people as possible, we can make significant strides in saving more animals' lives.


As an adult, I pursued my passion for art, believing that I could make a difference. It was then that I conceived the idea of creating charity goods to support animal shelters.

The proceeds from these items will be donated to shelters that provide refuge for cats and dogs with nowhere else to turn. These shelters not only offer temporary homes but also work tirelessly to find loving owners for these animals while providing essential medical care for illnesses and injuries.

It's heartening to see that many of these organizations are powered by dedicated volunteers. However, it's evident that they often lack the necessary resources and funding to fully support their noble endeavors.

Through my art, I always pondered if there was something I could do for animals. With the hope of contributing to the support of rescue cats and dogs, I started creating and selling charity goods in 2020. The proceeds from these items will be donated to shelters and organizations dedicated to animal welfare. It is my wish that both humans and animals can come together, fostering a kinder world.

Charity Goods


Mug Cup


Long Sleeve Shirt


Compact Mirror


Reusable Bag

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